These two love birds barely knew each other outside of the letters they wrote while he was overseas following the end of WWII, and she was living life as normal in Seattle – as normal as life can be when you’re madly in love with someone you don’t get to see. Grandma knew nothing of the South and expressed her concerns for a life in Mississippi. Also, a Southern man’s obsession with college football has not changed in 70 years.


Wednesday 11-7-45

Hi Honey!

            No, I didn’t write last night, and I haven’t any excuses to offer – but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you – because I go right on loving you more and more each day.

            Seattle had snow! Yes sir, it snowed Monday night, Tuesday night, and off and on this morning and noon. Whee- what fun and excitement that caused. I was kind of wishing it would stick, but it didn’t, only in the suburban districts – such as Kent and Auburn. Cars coming in from south of town had anywhere from 1 to 2 inches of snow on them. It’s really unusual for snow this early – usually our snow comes in February. It’s still freezing weather and even below.

            So my honey has a dog. It’s not as cute as Roys, I bet. Not as big a pest either. Roys isn’t happy unless someone is petting him. Whenever any of us sit down for a minute, he’s after us right away – pawing our arm, or plays with our shoes until we pay attention. What did you name your dog? And where did you find him? He must be a southerner if he likes to sleep, huh? (Hum! I bet you love that!) That’s ok – I still love you – so.

            Honey – does it ever get cold in Mississippi? I honestly wish you would tell me what it is like. All these people that have never been there like to tell me what they think it is probably like. Their ideas are much like the Easterners conceptions of the West and Seattle. They expect to see a host of Indians at the R.R. Station to greet them, and the town to be mostly bars with cowboys and horses! Some say Mississippi is damp and warm – others say it is awfully hot. (And that I’m inclined to believe.) But is it warm all year around? Now don’t laugh, but do any of the houses have fire-places? If so, do you think we could have one, maybe, huh? Of course it isn’t absolutely necessary – it’s only that I think fire places are very nice.

            Last night Ruth and I invited four girls from Sears to go to the dinner we go to once a month. We all had such a nice time, and our speaker, Mrs. Rohrbourgh gave an excellent talk on Ethiopia where she was a missionary. She told of the lepers, of conditions in Ethiopia when Italy came in, and also a brief talk on Bible Helps.

            Say, Darling, it looks as though Mississippi and Mississippi State will be beaten again this Saturday, according to the ‘guessers’ on this Saturday’s football games. All picked Louisiana to beat Mississippi State. Well, for your sake, sweetheart, I hope they’re wrong. The team probably needs your help. That must be what is wrong. By the way, didn’t you want to go back to college? It seems to me you once said something about it.

            I get a kick whenever you say that you had a letter from a Miss Helen Evans – then you always add that she’s your S.S. teacher. Just as though I might get jealous because you’re writing to another Mississippi Honey, I hope I’m not too insanely jealous over you. If you’re real stubborn like I am, it probably wouldn’t matter if I did say anything. After all, you’re 21! So! Just think you’ll be almost 22 by the time you get home. An old man. At least you’ll be able to vote.

            I love you, darling with all my heart – Goodnight for now –




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